With our self-rating and progress evaluation feature, learners and instructors can now rate their knowledge and skills on topics (tags) they are interested in and track their progress thru history logs.

To view the self-rating feature, log on to your active Lessonbee Instructor or Learner account.

Click on the My Health button at the top menu. On the right-hand panel, you will see the self-ratings for the topics (tags) you have selected.

To add a new self-rating, click on the plus sign (+) and select the topic from the drop-down menu.

Then click on the stars to assess your knowledge and skills on the chosen topic.

Click the Add Rating button to complete the process.

And that is how you add self-rating.

To track your progress on a particular topic, click the tag name (e.g #Exercise) on the Self-Rating section.

A Progress History window will pop-up that showsyour development.

You can also delete the previous ratings by clicking on the left arrow button.

To update your progress, simply hover and click on the stars below the tag name

Thank you for reading and have fun learning!

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