How to Create a Lesson

Login to your active Lessonbee Instructor account. On the Instructor dashboard, click the Create Lesson button at the bottom of the page:

1. You will be taken to the Add Details page as shown below. Fill in the Lesson Details such as Name, Description, Visibility, Grades, Category, Duration, Duration Unit, Price, Discount (optional), Publisher (optional).


To create a FREE lesson, set the Price to $0.

To publish a lesson on Lessonbee Content Library, set the Visibility to Public.

To create a new Publisher, click the Create New button. Enter the Publisher Name and upload a thumbnail image. Otherwise, you can choose from the drop-down list.

Then, click Next to continue adding Content.

2. This is where you will add content to your lessons. The content can either be a Zip file, a link to a Youtube video, or a video itself.

Click the Next button to proceed to add Resources.

3. In the Add Resources section, you can upload either a Resource File, an External Link, or a Teacher Guide.

When done adding resources, proceed to the final step.

4. Review the lesson details once again before submitting.

This is an example of a lesson for Mental Health using a Youtube video link for the content.

Click the Save button to submit.

That’s how you do it. Thank you for reading and have fun teaching!

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