One of the essential functions in Lessonbee v3 feature as an Instructor is the capability to create a Class and invite unlimited students to their classes.

Instructors can use their own content in their classes or choose from our collection of lessons, courses, and quizzes.

How to Create a Class

Login to your active Lessonbee Instructor account. On the Instructor dashboard, click the Create Class button at the bottom left-hand corner of the page:

1. You’ll be taken to the Add Details page as shown below. Fill in the Class Details such as Class Name, Description, Visibility, Grades, Category, Duration, Duration Unit, Price, Discount (optional), Publisher (optional).


To create a FREE class, set the Price to $0.

To publish a class on Lessonbee Content Library, set the Visibility to Public.

To create a new Publisher, click the Create New button. Enter the Publisher Name and upload a thumbnail image. Otherwise, choose from the drop-down list.

Then, click Next to continue adding Sections.

2. This is where you breakdown the topics into categories or parts. Enter a Section Name and a short Description.

Set the Locked option to “Yes” if you want to restrict the access of other sections. You can create as many sections as you please.

Click the Next button to proceed to add Contents.

3. To add contents to the Sections, select the name of the Section you want the content to belong to on the Section drop-down list.

Select the Content Type e.g Lessons, Courses, or Quizzes. You can combine any of the three, and you can also create your own quiz!

On the drop-down list, select the title of the content you want to add. Feel free to use Lessonbee content in your classes!

Click the Add button to apply the changes. Repeat the steps if you want to add more content into the sections.

When done adding content, click Next to send invitations to students.

4. To invite individual students, enter the student’s details e.g First name, Last Name, and email address.

Send bulk invitations by uploading a CSV or Excel File. Make sure to remind your students that they will receive invitations.

Students, on the other hand, will receive an email with the link and login credentials and can start learning immediately for free!

5. Finally, review the class details before submitting. If you are satisfied, click the Save button.

You can edit the class by going to My Contents, My Classes.

It’s that easy! Thank you and happy teaching!

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