Lessonbee uses the Schoology app marketplace to publish its health course LTI apps. We have multiple apps in the Health and Physical Education category. Schoology users can simply access and install them. Our apps are allowed to be added/installed by admins and teachers both. Lessonbee support team provides - LTI Access Key, Secret and URL (in case of using an external tool provider).

Administrator Workflow

  • School administrator in Schoology can install and configure Lessonbee apps by locating and installing it from marketplace.

  • Once installed, you will be asked if this should be installed for entire organization, or just yourself. If you would like all your school teachers to have access to the app, select "Add to Organization".

  • Once installed, the app will appear under your Organization Apps

  • Administrator can configure app by inserting the provided Key and Secret. No custom parameters are used.

Teacher Workflow

  • For teachers whose school administrator has already installed and configured the apps, they can simply install them in their courses.

  • They can navigate to the course they want to attach the app to by simply clicking on the Materials from the left side menu of that course and then clicking on "Install Your App(s). Then select the desired app and click "Submit".

Independent Teacher Workflow

  • Teachers can also install and configure Lessonbee apps without school administrators doing so at the school level.

  • They can source it from Schoology app marketplace and install the app. Teachers can select the course they want to install the app for.

  • Once selected, you can add it as External Tool with the configuration details provided by Lessonbee support team; URL, consumer key and shared secret.

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