Edit your basic personal info (example: Salutation, Name, Display Picture and Login Password):

  1. Log into Lessonbee Platform using the valid User Id an Password

  2. Click the Settings icon on the top right corner and select Edit Profile option.


The Edit Profile dialog will allow you to:

  • Change the Profile Picture

  • Salutation and Name

  • Login Password

Change Profile Picture

  • Click on the link Click here to update profile picture

  • Select the desired picture (.png, .jpg and .jpeg)

  • Preview and adjust the display as per your requirements using the crop box.

  • Click on Update to have the new profile picture applied.

Salutation and Name Change

  • On the Edit Profile Dialog, change the Salutation, First Name and Last Name info to the updated ones

  • Click on Update button to confirm the changes

Login Password Change

On the Edit profile Dialog,

  • Enter the New Password

  • Re-type the new password for confirmation

  • Click on the Update button to have the new password come into effect

  • Log out from the platform and login using the new credentials

Please note you can change all of the available information items at one as well.

At any point in time, click on the Cancel button to discard the changes and close the Edit Profile dialog

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