At Lessonbee, a teacher can create a lesson and then use it inside a class by assigning it to students.

In order to create an External Package lesson, please follow the steps as described below:

  • Log into Lessonbee platform using your active Teacher login credentials.

  • Click on the create lesson icon under the lessons list page.

  • Select the 'External Package' type from the drop-down.

The External Package lesson creation flow includes the following information:

  • Lesson Title

  • Grade and Skill level of the Lesson

  • Lesson Type(Student/Teacher)

  • Lesson Visibility(Public/Private)

  • Standard version of the Package.

  • Accessible version of the Package

  • Attachment Files

  • Resource URLs

  • Teacher Guide

Any one of the Accessible or Standard version of the package is compulsory for the lesson creation to be completed.

Once the above information is filled the lesson creation flow is completed by clicking the 'Create Lesson' button.

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